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Avondale Library

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Stephen W. Evans:
Featured Artist

From April 29th to May 4th, the art of Stephen W. Evans will be on display in the Auditorium of the Avondale Public Library, which will foreground the Library as the festival venue for community writing, poetry, and dance!




Stephen W. Evans is an artist simultaneously preoccupied with the absurd and the existential. Evans’ paintings are amalgamations of sources gathered from art history, literature, cinema, and invented imagery, all favoring the atmospheric, as well as a benign sense of danger. Evans currently resides in Birmingham, Alabama with his wife, Lauren Frances Evans, and their two daughters, Agnes and Edie, and is a preparator and art handler for the Birmingham Museum of Art.

steve evans.png
The Flourish II.jpeg

Photo Credit: EJ Glenn Photogrophy

The Flourish:
Poetry Workshop and Spoken Mic

The Flourish Alabama is a nonprofit organization dedicated to planting seeds to help young artists bloom. We create and facilitate “multi-medium” programming and curriculum geared towards helping youth create collaborative art projects, facilitate art workshops for artists of all ages, and create and host events that showcase artists of color. 

Alabama School of Fine Arts: Rhythm Workshop

Join us for ASFA's Groove Rhythm Nation Workshop! Dive into the vibrant beats of Africa, Brazil, and African American cultures with ASFA Dance Instructor Germaul Barnes and master drummer Baba Barry Johnson.


In this exciting one-hour session, participants of all ages will discover the rich rhythms of African and Brazilian traditions. Get ready to explore dance styles from around the world using specially crafted drums. Plus, embrace the joy of African American social line dances!

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to connect with the wider Alabama community. Let's groove together!

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