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The Rose Garden

Litty's Songwriter Showcase

Birmingham's own Daniel Bowden will be representing Litty's, Birmingham's beloved music venue, hosting some of its infamous songwriters: Erica Ryleigh, Briar and Bloom, The Kollaba Blues Band. Come hear Daniel's soulful voice along with original material from songwriters that live right here in the Magic City.

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Early James Community Jam

Early James will be hosting a jam with some of our community members in the Rose Garden. Exploring music up-close and personal with one another helps us be a better community. We are really excited to see what comes out of this freeform jam with James and friends.

Knowledge, Rhythm and Understanding

Bring yourself, your friends, your loved ones to the Rose Garden to learn more about Knowledge Rhythm and Understanding, started by Shaheed and DJ Supreme to teach young kids to express themselves positively and constructively through the art of Hip Hop. K.R.U. also teaches Hip Hop as a form of therapy. This initiative will also teach the history and basics of Hip Hop culture. It does take a village and K.R.U. Could use your help! Please take inventory of the abundance you have and take what you may be able to spare and donate to this wonderful initiative. 


Girls Rock

Girls Rock Birmingham will be hosting some of its amazing songwriters and performers for a showcase in the Rose Garden! Girls Rock is a nonprofit program that fosters a solid foundation for young girls to grow confidently as individuals while developing rewarding musical skills. By participating in workshops and technical lessons, girls become empowered by their newfound abilities, self-awareness, and sense of belonging. Led by positive female role models, girls are exposed to the possibilities and benefits afforded to them through the enjoyment of music making and performing with their peers. Girls Rock Birmingham knows every girl is a rockstar - and that music is a great avenue to grow great leaders in our community!

 The Flourish Alabama

The Flourish will be thriving all over the place at this year's BFF! They are taking an intimate hour in the Rose Garden this year to show what has bloomed in their creative community - What started off as a college thesis has blossomed into a movement. Initially, “The Flourish” was a theory created by co-founder Jahman Hill which posited that “Black people are infinitely possible beings.” The Flourish Alabama is a nonprofit organization dedicated to planting seeds to help young artists bloom. They create and facilitate “multi-medium” programming and curriculum geared towards helping youth create collaborative art projects, facilitate art workshops for artists of all ages, and create and host events that showcase artists of color. Created by Eric Marable, Jr. and Jahman Hill, The Flourish divides its organization into two wings: outreach and events. The outreach wing focuses on aiding the youth of Birmingham and surrounding areas through in-school programming and workshops. The Flourish has completed projects with a number of schools and organizations, including Birmingham Public Library, Greater Birmingham Arts Education Collaborative, Ramsay High School, Birmingham Museum of Art, Sidewalk Film Center, and more.

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 The Whistlebees

As well as appearing on the Amphitheater Stage, The Whistlebees and its members have been a part of the old-time jam at the Birmingham Folk Festival since the beginning. Come see how expansive and communicative such a precious form of music can be in a participatory setting. It is music that is hard to sit still to as this genre developed alongside various folk dances of North America and the Deep South.


Briar and Bloom

We may be lucky enough to have Justin Cross as a Birmingham local, but make no doubt that he is a world class guitar player, singer, and songwriter. Come catch a rare opportunity to see him and his wife Amy Cross sing together as Briar and Bloom - Justin's latest but lifelong project. 

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Erica Ryleigh

Making music for the cowboys and hippies alike, country singer/songwriter Erica Ryleigh captures the audience with a delicate delivery as she shares her otherwise gritty and unfiltered songwriting.

Kollaba Blues Band

We're Two Birmingham Area Senior Musicians That Collaborated On A Music Venture Some Years Ago. Weaving Through Various Musical Genres And Era's. Harp heavy and blues focused.

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Community Mural

Ryan Foster, an American oil painter based in Birmingham and art professor at The University of Montevallo, will be leading our community through a shared community painting in the Rose Garden. Come grab a brush and add your stroke! 


The Alabama Waldorf School will be offering a chance to engage with our family histories, community identities, and creating art together as participants decorate and wind streamers around a maypole. Learn about this beautiful tradition as you learn more about yourself and others in this deeply meaningful, fun, and beautiful activity brought to you by AWS! 


Alabama Archives--Gees Bend


Henna + Face Painting

Blue Lotus Mehndi and Birmingham's beloved Yogi Dada will be in the Rose Garden at different points throughout the day making beautiful people beautiful with their art and contagious joy.

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